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Lenvendo Soft, 44 Serdobolskaya, St.Saint-Petersburg, Russia 197342

Phone: +7 (812) 322 9587
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The Lenvendo team contains of highly qualified specialists in IT, business and economics. The expertise of the team allows to satisfy customers not only from the technical point of view of the project but also from the point of business logic processes.†

As the internet world never stands still the team is committed to helping its clients stay ahead of the game.† We thrive on getting to make the web more profitable for our clients – and more satisfying for their customers. The key members of the team:

Maksim Berg
Managing Director

Maksim is the founder of the company. In short time he has gathered a strong team of specialists from different fields. He is responsible for strategic development of the company, its general operations and high level of delivered services to compamies across different industries.

Konstantin Tkachenko
Commercial Director

Konstan is responsible for all the company's operations. Right from the beginning, he has taken high speed of the development which was well received†by the team. This has allowed a high level of achievements in the first months of the company's development. He has 20 years of experience working in IT industry.†

Anastasia Gusakova
Head of IT Department

Anastasia has started her career as a manager of IT projects at Lenvendo in 2007.†Later†she became a leader of the IT department. Under her leadership a good deal of projects were realized and the company became one of the leading providers of web solutions in Russia.

Vitaly Gavrilov
Technical Director

Vitaly has been working as a technical director right from the start of Lenvendo. He has more than 10 years of experience working in IT. He†has proficiency in the following programming languages in the software development field: (Delphi 4-7, —#, C++, Java (SDK/J2EE). At the same time he†is†proficient in the web development working with php, html, css, xml/dtd, javascript, AJAX (jQuery, Bitrix API), Goggle.maps API, perl, ActionScript 3.0). He works with the following databases: MSSQL, Oracle 8i-10g, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

He has been successfully managing projects of different complexity and sizes.

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