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Client Testimonials

Thanks to high levels of professionalism, the best technical solutions were found to satisfy the business needs and requirements of the customer. We were pleasantly surprised to meet attentiveness to detail, meticulousness and efficiency from the Lenvendo team.

Polina Dobis, PR manager, PetroStyle


Lenvendo is a Bitrix Certified Partner

Lenvendo has gained a next status of partnership with Bitrix, Inc. which specializes in the development of content management systems and intranet portal solutions for managing web projects and multifunctional information systems on the Internet.

Web packages

Corporate Gold

What you get in this package:

• individual site design
software license (CMS)
site development
site testing (administrative and public parts of the site)
support for 1 month (help in launching, consulting, content management)
free technical support and updates of the software for 1 year The functionality includes:
4-5 informational sections at the customer's option, such as
- News, Events, Press Releases
- Articles
- Partners
- Job vacancies, Projects, etc.

Servicers or Product catalog

Search (Standard for the whole site and Advanced search)

3-4 Web forms (Contact form, Request form, Registration form and others) Or as an option, setting the system that the customer can create forms as it’s necessary with abilities to add/update/delete them.

Subscription to newsletters, news posting
Poll and survey
Web analytics
Advertising (managing and selling banners on site)

Delivery time:
62 days

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